Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Mahmoud Abuebeid

Mahmoud Abuebeid, our CEO & Co-Founder, is a businessman & entrepreneur. He started his career as a civil engineer at ASGC construction group and then headed the Business Development Department at ASGC, where he garnered a lot of business for the company with prestigious award-winning clients. Mahmoud is known for his networking skills and has connections with several key figures and decision-makers across industries.

Mahmoud is the key advisor to the Group Chairman of the Construction and Holding Group, Retired Major General H. E. Mohammed Saif Binshafar. Currently, as the CEO & Co-founder of Global Software Solutions Group headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Mahmoud's passion for technology drives him to leverage opportunities in the fintech space. He is on the board of a number of Fintech companies. He firmly believes that ensuring customer satisfaction and high-quality delivery is the hallmark of a lasting business. He has a very engaging style of leadership and possesses deep skills in business planning, high networks, and connections.

A civil engineering and project management graduate from the American University of Sharjah, Mahmoud has earned the certificate of specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Harvard Business School and completed the Fintech course from Harvard VPAL.

GSS Group has more than 24 years of success implementing and maintaining mission-critical projects around the world. You can have confidence in an organization that knows how to support you at every stage of your journey so you can always deliver the very best service to your customers.

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