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The Veracious DMS

The Robust, Intuitive and Low-Code Enabled DMS

To thrive in today's competitive environment, your enterprise applications require a well-informed and confident decision-making process. Such a process is impossible without the corroboration of supporting data. However, what if the data is strewn across multiple storage points like laptops, file-sharing sites, repositories, email, network drives, or paper? It will likely result in content chaos, loss of content, security risks, and lower business productivity. What you need is an innovative document management system that keeps out such chaos.

Introducing Veracious DMS- a single solution that helps you achieve everything, from document scanning, indexing, archiving, and metadata tagging to developing comprehensive workflows. Built on Torus Low Code Platform, DMS allows easy integration into your complex enterprise applications.

Empower your team with the convenience to centralise and secure critical documents with our comprehensive document management tools. Ensure security, accessibility, and productivity.

Maintains, organises, and manages content to enable easy access, consistent sharing, and seamless collaboration between team members.
Provides granular user controls, redaction tools, detailed audit histories, and password-protected links to support governance requirements.
Promotes compliance across all stages with automatically generated reports, retention schedules, and disposition management.
Utilises an easy-to-navigate folder-based interface to make content tracking, silo reduction, and file archiving easier.
Reduces manual scanning and indexing by importing and categorising high-volume documents with robust capture tools.
Reduces manual filing work by automating metadata generation, file naming, and recording properties.

Fully-Functional, Feature-Rich & Futuristic DMS

Our Veracious DMS is packed with ultramodern features and built in a modular fashion to capacitate your team to handle sensitive documents with ease. With Veracious DMS at their disposal, they can scan, upload, store, and search for any transaction-based application. Arm your team with:
  • Dynamic folder creation
  • REST API support across different file formats
  • Comprehensive search capabilities
  • Document retrieval & Management
  • Integrated barcode creation
  • Content viewer support
  • Drag & Drop workflow creation
  • Custom triggers for easy automation
  • Role-based file and folder access

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Case Studies
Siraj Finance

Siraj Finance is a prominent Finance company based out of the UAE. Siraj Finance worked closely with GSS to custom build an Islamic Core Banking Solution that is compliant to Sharia Banking principles. GSS worked closely with Siraj in enabling their base Core Banking product and making it Shari compliant. This product was built leveraging the Torus Low Code platform and covers extensive functionality with the ability to scale.

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