National Payment Systems Strategy(NPSS - UAE IPP)

Marking a Milestone in UAE's Real-time Payments Journey
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Empowering Instant Payments
Aani, a subsidiary of the Central Bank of the UAE, redefines payment experiences with innovative features like QR-Code Based Payments, Request to Pay, and Split Payments. Users enjoy instant fund transfers up to AED 50,000, 24/7, making transactions swift and hassle-free. Security is a top priority, ensuring both convenience and peace of mind for users.

GSS Group's Remarkable Role in Launching "Aani" - A Pinnacle of Financial Innovation in the UAE.

The financial landscape is perpetually evolving, and in this era of digital transformation, GSS Group proudly stands at the forefront. Today, we wish to share our exhilarating journey behind one of the most ambitious projects we've undertaken: the launch and implementation of "Aani," the UAE's premier instant payment application. Our collaboration with prominent financial institutions, First Abu Dhabi Bank and Finance House, has been nothing short of groundbreaking.

GSS is honoured to be part of UAE’s FIT (Financial infrastructure Transformation) programme.

Our leading Instant Payments Platform is fully enabled to meet the needs of all financial institutions for all use cases. 

What's NPSS - UAE IPP?

National Payment Systems Strategy(NPSS) or UAE Instant Payment Platform (IPP) is designed to make payment systems universally interoperable and foster the transition to a cashless society built around real-time. It is the Instant Payment Platform (IPP) that enables real-time faster payments and funds transfers around the clock (24*7) and digital payments across the UAE financial sector.
The NPSS landscape is considerable and GSS has a very superior understanding of this.
Core Services
  • Credit Transfers
Overlay Services
  • Addressing Services
  • Request To Pay
Value Added Services
  • AML, CRM, Billing, Customer Enquiry Portal, Reporting Etc
IPP Core Services
  • Direct Debits
Overlay Services
  • eDDA
Overlay Services
  • eCheques

NPSS Ready Instant Payment Built On Latest Technologies

Can support White label app or API enabled Mobile / Internet Banking approaches (or even a phased approach transitioning from white label to SDK/API approach) where NPSS functionality can be embedded into existing Channels
GSS solution for NPSS is unique, scalable and can rapidly integrate with the proposed CBUAE NPSS architecture
Advanced technology stack (Kubernetes, DevOps, REST API, Advanced MQ, Kafka Streaming)
Advanced state of readiness with the NPSS (can meet current CBUAE deadlines)
Built on Low code platform (Configuration not Customisation)
Cloud ready
Ability to build custom business processes across multiple countries for multiple payment types (with High STP)
In-built analytics dashboard for NPSS payments tracking and analysis (Power BI based)
Gartner recognized platform
ISO 20022 compliant

NPSS - UAE IPP Services

The CBUAE deadlines can be easily met with our agile low code platform and advanced NPSS scope understanding. We understand the play and the NPSS use cases across all these customer segments (and also the indirect participation segment).
UAEIPP Core Services
Instant Payments Processor
  • Credit Transfer
  • Direct Debits
  • Real - Time Message Processor
  • Batch Message Processor
  • Clearing Processor
  • Settlement Processor
UAEIPP Overlay Services
Overlay Service
  • Addressing Service
  • Request To Pay
  • eDDA1
  • eCheque 2
  • White Label App
Value Added Services
  • Unified Portal
  • Pricing and Billing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • AML & Fraud Management
  • Case Management
  • Participant Management
  • Virtual Agent
NPSS - UAE IPP Use Cases
P2P - Email/ Mobile / Contact List / Emirates ID - Initiate
P2P - Request to Pay
Split Bills - QR code
Split Bills through Phone Number - Request to Pay
P2B - Merchant Payment using QR code
Real Time - Payment
Corporate Initiation - Bulk Upload / Salary Procesing
Co Existence with Non Real Time participants
P2B - Request to Pay for Preauthorized Payments- Bill Payments like - DEWA, Salik,Telecom Bill etc,

GSS Group has more than 24 years of success implementing and maintaining mission-critical projects around the world. You can have confidence in an organization that knows how to support you at every stage of your journey so you can always deliver the very best service to your customers.

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