• Robust, Reliable, Drag & Drop Digital Banking Automation & Payments Solutions

    for Global Banks and Financial Institutions
  • National Payment Systems Strategy(NPSS)
    - UAE Instant Payment Platform (IPP)

    Marking a Milestone in UAE's Real-time Payments Journey
  • GSS Group's Remarkable Role in Launching "Aani" - A Pinnacle of Financial Innovation in the UAE

    Unveiling a New Horizon in UAE's Financial Ecosystem with the Advent of "Aani" – GSS Group's Latest Innovation
  • Competed against established players (including international vendors) and won across all parameters.
  • FAB has chosen G42 - UAE's sovereign cloud provider for hosting the NPSS solution.
  • We are also partners with G42 and can help you and manage this infrastructure.
  • We have already deployed our NPSS software and have completed the CBUAE self-certification, currently in the phase of industry testing.
  • Finance House has chosen MS Azure as their cloud provider. We are also partners with Microsoft and can help you and manage this infrastructure.
  • We have already deployed our NPSS software and have completed the CBUAE self-certification, currently in the phase of industry testing.
Realtime Payment Strategy for the UAE
Out-of-the-box Application Ecosystem
Configurable Platform-based Development
Future Proof Technology Stack

Veracious Product Line

Engage Customers, Automate Processes, Scale in the Cloud, Configure both Development and Deployment. Veracious Platform products - future-proof both Business and Technology with our one of a kind Platform-based App Ecosystem approach NPSS , WPS , ICCS, FTS, Host to Host, Enquiry & Investigation, Reconciliation, Payments Orchestration Platform ( Payments Orchestration Engine ) , Direct Debit Mandate Management , Digital Core Banking, Document Management, Workflow Process Automation

Engage customers, automate processes, scale in the cloud and configure both development and deployment. Future-proof your business and technology with Veracious platform products.

  • NPSS
  • WPS
  • ICCS
  • Host to Host
  • Payments orchestration
  • Direct debit
  • Mandate management
  • Digital core banking
  • Document management
  • Workflow process automation
  • Enquiry & investigation
  • Reconciliation

Consultative Solutions

GSS’ Consulting arm works to help our clients to build a Digital Transformation Journey that is Engaging, Efficient and Scalable. We have curated, select partner products that can help our customers achieve their transformation goals leveraging our one of kind platform based approach
Leading Open banking, API end to end life cycle management and ISO 20022 compliance solutions
Globally leading payments technology provider
Enabling Central bank digital currencies - to foster an open, trusted, and enduring digital economy
Specializes in enabling global companies to set up and run their global sourcing / offshore centers.
The best holistic multi-cloud management platform
Enterprise Grade Digital banking solutions
Leading edge cybersecurity solutions & services
Enterprise Fraud management, AML
Data archival and life cycle management at scale
Conversational Al Chatbot for all industry sectors
Earned Wage Access Fintech solution
Retail Analytics

About GSS Group

Global Software Solutions Group, an Emirati software provider headquartered in UAE, excels in providing advanced payment solutions to banks and financial institutions across UAE, India, and Africa. Renowned for our innovative technology, we've won significant contracts including NPSS with the largest bank in the GCC, First Abu Dhabi Bank. Recognised for our cloud-ready, event-driven architecture and robust low code platform. We're committed in supporting the UAE's vision for digital transformation.

24 Years
4 Offices
10+ Products
2 Platforms
1 Low Code Foundation

GSS has processed more than $100Billion worth of transactions through the deployment of its solutions across its customer base across 10 countries.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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Cloud Ready Solutions

GSS Group has more than 24 years of success implementing and maintaining mission-critical projects around the world. You can have confidence in an organization that knows how to support you at every stage of your journey so you can always deliver the very best service to your customers.

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