Modern Cloud-Based Payment Hub

With An ISO 20022 Payment Strategy
A Refined and Streamlined Approach to Payments

The Veracious Payment Hub

Banks' Payments Business constantly seeks to:
Increase total revenues by increasing transaction volume.
Drive efficiency by automating processes.
Ensure compliance with ever-evolving network regulations.
Increase stakeholder and network numbers with minimum effort.
Minimise dependence on rigid banking structures.
Presenting GSS Payment Hub- The world's most comprehensive Low Code Framework -enabled payments platform that empowers banks to customise and deploy Banking Payment Rails. Our solution consolidates multiple instruments onto a single multi-tenant application platform that is enabled to comply with payment standards across different geographical locations.
"With our extensive experience in servicing global financial institutions, we provide you with a modern, productive, functionally rich solution to safeguard your payments."
What Will You Gain?

One Product, Endless Capabilities

  • Supports all local and International Payment Networks Integration across the Middle East and Africa.
  • Consolidates multiple country clearing houses in one application for banks with a regional presence.
  • Provides uniform, consistent, and seamless processing of high-value, high-volume, and real-time payments.
  • Enables treasury teams to make informed decisions based on a real-time dashboard view of your bank's liquidity position within a clearing scheme.
  • Supports OPEN API standards, ISO 20022 Messaging Formats, and MT to MX conversion.
  • Enables straight-through processing with Core Banking and integration with other subsystems.
  • Ensures smooth processing of instant payments by tracking, monitoring, and optimising liquidity.
  • Provides settlement options like net settlements, deferred settlements, multilateral settlements, and pre-funded settlements for instant payments.

Experience GSS Payment Hub

A Next-Gen Payment Solution
The Three Pillars of Our Payment Platform
Veracious Payments Hub was built to provide banks with the ability to do more with less, by modernizing the Payments Factory.
Veracious Payment Hub was built to provide banks with the ability to do more with less, by modernising the Payments Factory using cloud-agnostic, API-first approach.
Co-branding with GSS is a great way to go!
Transaction Acquisition
Banks are constantly looking at offering unique experiences to bolster transaction acquisition. Our Veracious Payments Hub enables an acquisition layer with mobile banking, internet banking, Direct ERP Integration for Corporates, Custom Corporate Portal Experiences, Workflows, and direct integration. Being API first is the way to go.
Transaction Orchestration
Payment orchestration is now more popular than ever and will only increase demand. The advent of newer ways to initiate a transaction and the explosive growth of e-Commerce has resulted in a surge in transaction volume in small and large banks.
Downstream payments rails are also on the rise, with countries embarking on multiple payment networks like Real Time Payments, Mobile Money, one-to-one Remittance relationships, and traditional payment networks like Cheques, EFTs, Mandates, RTGS, SWIFT etc.
With volume and complexity rising at both ends, the ability to apply intelligence, define routing conditions, and handle workflows like automatic transaction reversal, Regeneration, Message Augmentation and Truncation are necessary to complete today's payment flows. Our Veracious Transaction Orchestration layer provides these capabilities through its easily-configurable parameter approach.
Further, integration of Core Banking and other subsystems of the payments landscape facilitating straight-through processing is a de facto requirement today. Real-time dashboards that can update the status of transactions, inquire about transaction journeys and drill down status are indispensable in today's banking world.

Our Module Orchestration includes:

  • API Manager
  • Orchestration Platform
  • Message Conversion & Generation
  • Host-to-Host with File Exchange
Transaction Execution
One of the most unique and differentiating factors about the Veracious Payments Hub is its ability to offer Downstream - Payments Execution systems.
These execution systems not only provide compliance to Central Bank and international payment network standards but also provide the ability to define Operational Workflows, Group level standardisation of processes, interfacing with any core system, initiation of handling processes, leveraging the Payment Hub Acquisition and the orchestration layer.

Our Payment Execution Modules include:

  • Cheque Truncation
  • EFT Debit
  • EFT Credit
  • RTGS
  • Mandate Management
    (Direct Debit)
  • Real-Time Payments
  • FTS
  • ICCS
  • DDS
  • WPS
  • H2H
Platform Features
The composable architecture of Veracious Payment Hub gives it a competitive edge. Each modular application is highly extensible through its simple configuration approach, ensuring that Veracious Payments Hub can evolve with your organisation's needs. With its Low Code foundation, the Hub ensures flexibility and adaptability.
  • Kong API, Kafka, Solr
  • Cloud Agnostic
  • Kubernetes Orchestration
  • Mapping - Organisational, Technical and Functional needs.
  • Single dashboard with multiple instrument reconciliation
  • Latest Technical Stack leveraging a Low Code Platform
  • Low Code Approach
  • Composable, Loosely Coupled Orchestration of applications
  • Angular for building mobile and desktop web applications
  • REDIS, .NET Core, Oracle / PostgreSQL, Node
Feature Highlights
  • Direct ERP integration
  • Corporate Portal - custom digital experiences
  • Of the Box CBPR+ and ISO 20022 Messaging capabilities with Conversion
  • Indirect Participation
  • Low Code-based new Application development
  • Parameterised workflow creation
  • Fintech Integration
  • Mapping with custom validations and testing
Delivering Expertise Where it Counts
Case Studies
Siraj Finance

Siraj Finance is a prominent Finance company based out of the UAE. Siraj Finance worked closely with GSS to custom build an Islamic Core Banking Solution that is compliant to Sharia Banking principles. GSS worked closely with Siraj in enabling their base Core Banking product and making it Shari compliant. This product was built leveraging the Torus Low Code platform and covers extensive functionality with the ability to scale.

GSS Group has more than 24 years of success implementing and maintaining mission-critical projects around the world. You can have confidence in an organization that knows how to support you at every stage of your journey so you can always deliver the very best service to your customers.

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